Sex: Representation, Education, and Masturbation

Gender equality cannot exist if it doesn't begin in the most intimate of settings: the bedroom.

Join Dr. Tanya Bakhmetyeva, professor of Sex & Power, Dr. Marie-Joelle Estrada, Professor of Psychology of Gender, and three student speakers -Anna Erwin, Amelia Keller, and myself- at the University of Rochester on November 15th from 5:00-6:30 PM. Discussion topics will include: the purity myth, female masturbation, locker room talk, women in the media, inequalities in the bedroom, and others.

Light refreshments including coffee, tea, and cider will be served. University Health Services will be present at the event with information pamphlets and birth control for all interested attendees.

Facebook event here.

That's So Yesterday

Make this world a better, more equal, and safer place by letting go of double standards that revolve around female sexuality. Teach girls that their sex lives are not indicative of their moral compass, that their worth is not defined by their virginity, and that consensual sex can and should be a pleasurable experience for all parties involved. Be sex positive by teaching girls (and boys) that our bodies and sexuality are our own and nobody else's to regulate, by respecting others and their choices, and by respecting yourself.