Artist Profile: Amelia Keller

Being exposed to fashion advertisements as a teenager affected my self perception greatly...
— AK

Currently studying Human-Computer Interaction at Rochester Institute of Technology, New York native Amelia Keller is not unfamiliar with the extensive dialog between the digital world and human life. Digitally scanning magazine photographs of couture models and erotic subjects, Amelia creates images that are intensely warped and vibrating with color. By manipulating images that have already been highly processed and edited into distorted forms, Amelia spotlights a falsified representation of the female body as it is portrayed in today's digital age.  Sultry snapshots of painted lips, naked breasts, and stylized female subjects are twisted - sometimes made unrecognizable - into captivating artwork that is seductive, sophisticated, and smart all at once. 

Q & A

What do you create? I create digital scans from fashion and pornographic magazines, such as Playboy and Lui (French).

What mediums do you use and which is your favorite? I use mostly digital mediums, however, I do like to paint and draw.

When did you discover your current artistic style? A couple of summers ago, I had an internship at a fashion advertising company. My sole task was to scan advertisements all day for their archives. I became really restless with the mundane work and purposely moved the magazines around on the scanner.

What is the first piece of art you remember being proud of? A bug I drew when I was 4.

What does your creative process sound like? I would describe my work as psychedelic, so Tame impala. Their newest album Currents is great. Also, the album cover by designer Robert Beatty reminds me of my work.

Where do your ideas come from? During college, I worked for fashion companies during the summer. I am drawn to this world due to the glamorous and seductive nature of the industry. Being exposed to fashion advertisements as a teenager affected my self perception greatly. I like to distort the images of women just as they have been in photo editing software.

What is something you’re looking forward to creating? Eventually I want to start a women’s silk fashion line with my scans as the prints. I think it would be ironic for women to wear the glitched fashion advertisements.

What are your greatest artistic influences? Pipilotti rist, Marilyn Minter, Sara Cwynar, Slim Aarons, Joe Reihsen.

Where do you look when you are feeling uninspired? Museums. My favorites are the Whitney, New Museum, and Moma PS.1.

I love it when people: make eye contact during a conversation.

Who is your style icon? Delilah Summer Parillo. My girl crush. I like her simple style and bleached blonde hair. Also, Mimi Elashiry.  

The first thing I do when I wake up is: meditate and try not to drink coffee.

What historical event would you like to have been present for? Woodstock. I watched a documentary about the festival and it looked like a great time.

I could probably live without: my iPhone, it’s too enticing.

What do you disagree with? Motorcycles.

What do you believe in? Unicorns.